Markov Resonant

“A choice for excellent sound and comfort”

The “Markov Resonant Shoulder Rest” has been developed by Albert Markov, one of the leading violinists, pedagogues, composers and conductors of our time. Since its creation 40 years ago it has been used by a group of distinguished violinists and violists, and has never been available commercially.
The special design allows freer vibration of the lower deck of the violin. The resulting sound projection and evenness of the sound throughout the whole spectrum of the instrument is superior to that of any other shoulder rest on the market.
It does not have folding and scratching metal parts. It is only made of flamed maple, silicone and textiles.
It does not give rise to unwanted mechanical sounds. This is crucial while making recordings.
It does not change position while playing.
Enjoy playing your violin with a beautiful, focused and even sound you have never heard before…