Terms of Delivery and Return

Your orders will be shipped within 7 (seven) business days from the date when bank confirmation is received (Monday to Friday). Delivery details will be forwarded to your party once the order has been received. In case of any problem attributable to our party, you will be notified via the contact details. No delivery is performed on religious / national holidays and weekends. The website allows multiple users to do shopping at the same time. The same product may be purchased by multiple consumers, though rarely, in which case the product becomes out of stock. If you have already paid for the product online but the product is out of stock, the delivery of the product will be performed after a waiting period of minimum 7 (seven) days. If the product cannot be delivered to the consumer within that period, the consumer will be entitled to a refund.

Confidentiality / Security
Your information is protected by the system in which the database is stored. Details of the credit card used during shopping are subject to 256-bit encryption provided by PAYTR. Such details cannot be viewed by us as they directly pass through the servers of banks. Shopping may be continued if the card is confirmed to be valid. As no information about the card can be viewed or saved by the site, third parties will be prevented from displaying and capturing the information in any way whatsoever. Also, no other person can have access to or change your personal information.Distance Sales Contract

Sales Contract
All users shall be deemed to have read and accepted the sales contract once they complete the subscription procedures.
This Sales Contract is a Sales Contract drawn up between MK2 Ltd. and the Customer in virtual environment.
Article – 1
The subject of this Contract is to determine the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties hereto as per provisions of Act No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Rules and Principles for the Implementation of Distance Sales Contracts with regard to the sales and delivery of product(s) sold by the Seller to the Buyer, with the product properties and sales price specified herein below.
Article – 2
Article – 3
BUYER INFORMATION All buyers who shop at www.markovresonant.com which is the e-trade store of MK2 Ltd. will be hereinafter referred to as “buyer” or “customer”.
Article – 4
SUBJECT OF CONTRACT & PRODUCT INFORMATION: The quantity, model, color, sales price, and mode of payment of the Good(s)/Product(s) or Service(s) are as specified on the website and may be subject to change without prior notice to the buyer.
Article – 5
5.1 – The Buyer acknowledges and declares that he/she has read and has full knowledge of all preliminary information about the basic properties, sales price and payment terms of the product subject to this Contract, as set forth in Article 4, and that he/she has given the required confirmation in electronic environment.
5.2 – The product subject to this Contract shall be delivered to the buyer or the person / entity to be designated by the buyer within the period as set forth in the preliminary information depending on the distance of the buyer’s address, provided that the period does not exceed 30 days, which is the legally allowed delivery period. The time for the custom procedures varies from one country to another. Because of this, time spent in the customs is not involved in the delivery time in foreign sales.
5.3 – If the product subject to this Contract is delivered to a person/entity other than the buyer, the SELLER shall not be held responsible for any rejection by the person or entity to take delivery of the product.
5.4 – The SELLER is responsible for delivering the product subject to this Contract in an intact and complete manner, satisfying the qualities specified in the order, together with warranty certificates and user manuals, if any.
5.5 – Delivery of the product subject to this Contract is bound to the condition that this Contract is electronically approved and that the sales price is paid off according to the mode of payment that the buyer might choose. In the event that the value of the product subject to this Contract is not paid or payment is cancelled in the bank records for any reason, the SELLER shall be considered to have been relieved of his obligation to deliver the product.
5.6 – If, after delivery of the product, the bank or financial institution involved in the payment refuses to pay the product price to the SELLER due to unjustified or unlawful use of the buyer’s credit card by unauthorized persons in a manner which is not attributable to the Buyer’s fault, the Buyer shall, within 3 workdays, return to the SELLER the product that was delivered to the Buyer or to any other person or entity which the Buyer may designate in the sales contract. In such a case, any forwarding costs shall be covered by the Buyer.
5.7 – In the event that the SELLER is unable to deliver the product subject to this Contract in the prescribed time due to Force Majeure or extraordinary circumstances, such as adverse weather and interruption of transport preventing delivery, the SELLER shall be obligated to inform the Buyer accordingly. In this case, the Buyer may exercise one of the options involving order cancellation, replacement of the product with equivalent items, and/or postponement of the delivery time until after the elimination of the preventive condition. In the event that the Buyer cancels the order, the Seller shall instruct the relevant bank to cancel the buyer’s credit card slip and return the relevant amount of money to the buyer’s account, and inform the BUYER accordingly by e-mail. The SELLER shall not assume any responsibility for delays attributable to the bank.
5.8 – If the products delivered to the BUYER or the person / entity to be designated by the BUYER are defective or broken, the relevant product(s) shall be sent to the SELLER within 7 days following their delivery to the BUYER so that the necessary repair or replacement procedures can be carried out pursuant to applicable warranty conditions; the shipment costs arising therefrom shall be covered by the SELLER. If the 7-day period has expired, the BUYER will have to take the delivered product to the relevant service.
5.9 – This Contract shall become valid after the Contract is electronically approved by the buyer (i.e. upon the completion of subscription procedures) and sent to www.markovresonant.com
6.0 – The buyer can get a full refund should you decide to return the product within 2 (two) weeks, in which case, the shipment costs will be covered by the Buyer.
6.1 – Customs fees and Import taxes are NOT included in the order total and are responsibility of the BUYER.

Article – 6
RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL: The Buyer may exercise his right of withdrawal within 7 (seven) days following the day the product subject to this Contract is delivered to the Buyer or the person/entity in the address indicated. To be able to exercise the right of withdrawal, it is essential to notify the Seller by e-mail within the same period and that the product remains unused pursuant to provisions set forth in Article 7, without any damage caused to the product package. In case this right is exercised, it is compulsory to return to the SELLER the original invoice of the product which was delivered to the BUYER or a designated 3rd party. Within 7 days as from receipt of the foregoing, the Seller shall instruct the relevant bank to return the product price amount to the buyer’s credit card account. The SELLER shall not assume any responsibility for delays attributable to the bank with regard to the return of the product price amount. In case of failure to send back the original sales invoice, value added tax and other legal liabilities shall not be returned. The shipment cost of products returned as result of the buyer choosing to exercise his right of withdrawal shall be covered by the BUYER. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products that are non-returnable by nature, disposable products or products the best before date of which have expired. Exercise of the right of withdrawal in connection with any product is bound to the condition that the product is not damaged.
Article – 7
The Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts located at the place of the BUYER’s or SELLER’s residence address shall be of competent jurisdiction with regard to the implementation of this Contract, up to the value as declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Once an order is confirmed electronically, the BUYER shall be deemed to have accepted all provisions of this Contract.

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